The Best Working Kodi Builds

Kodi Builds help in setting up Kodi by turning it into an ultimate streaming center. But what is Kodi? Technically, Kodi is a free media center software that can be accessed across various operating systems. The application allows users to consume streaming media like movies, TV shows, live TV, and sports. Well, this technical definition of the best Kodi builds will only do justice to techies who already understand their way through this great piece of app.

In a layman’s language, think of Kodi as an unfinished house basement. There are frames, a strong foundation, and trusses that hold the roof. They are the basis that will hold everything else in your house. You will use the foundation to store items, use the walls for interior design, and the roof to put up a nice ceiling. Kodi can be defined in a similar manner. The application will host components and applications that you will be using stream media.

Have a look at the best Kodi Addons

Ghetto Astronaut Builds

The Ghetto Astronaut wizard is new to our pages, but judging by the current crop of builds that it has on display, it may just what a lot of users are looking for. Build community support group for Ghetto Astronaut can be found on Twitter, which you should follow, to keep on top of updates and news.

Ghetto Astronaut builds available are :- Injustice – Liquid Streamz – Rivet – House Of El- Movies Plus – Sikflix.

Spectre Media Builds

Spectre Media are well known to these pages, but by a former name. This wizard can always be relied upon to provide premium quality builds.

Spectre Media builds available are :- Spectre – Voodoo – Hellboy – Cosmic.

Ezzermacs Kodi Builds

The EzzerMac’s wizard has to be one of the finest collection of builds available today. The build wizard team members can all be relied upon to produce well maintained quality builds. Build community support group for Ezzermacs can be found on Telegram, which you should follow, to keep on top of updates and news.

Ezzermacs builds available are :- Art Nouveau – Plutonium – Supreme Xpot – Franks 18 – Madflix2 – Breezz – Fractal And 100’s (yes 100’s) more..

Grindhouse Kodi Builds

Grindhouse is a new wizard with a nostalgic set of builds. Cool artwork and backdrops from start to finish. They’re very well constructed with the current add-ons and standard navigation. The categories are well thought out, and they should run well on most devices. Build community support group for Grindhouse can be found on Facebook, which you should follow, to keep on top of updates and news.

Grindhouse builds available are :- GoodLuck – Xbox 4 Xbox – Best Kodi 18 build – White Rabbit & many more.

Xanax Kodi Builds

The Xanax wizard will be familiar to some of you as it is a rebrand of an extremely popular wizard and set of builds that we have showcased in the past. If history is anything to go by, expect plenty of support for these builds. It’s also an effective portal to a very popular premium service, but you can always remove the shortcuts for that or drop your own in quite easily via the settings menu if you prefer.

Xanax builds available are :- Xanax 18.

Innovation Kodi Builds

Innovation are new to our list but they are offer both Adult and Family version of their slick performing Colors build. Nice skin and good use of add-ons. A premium IPTV menu is available which can be used, disabled or easily swapped out.

Innovation builds available are :- InnovatiON Colors Family – InnovatiON Colors Adult.


Paul Franks The Crew Kodi Build

Paul Franks The Crew  Build is equipped with a whole world of entertainment making it stand out among top Kodi Builds. With this build, you will get to enjoy Live Sports, Live TV, Movies, YouTube, Kids Zone, Sports Replays and Highlights, and Live TV for the major UK and US cable TV channels.

One Nation Kodi Build

One Nation supply some of the most complete set of builds that we’ve seen to date, and their wizard is bursting with an excellent mix of creativity and functionality. Build community support group for One Nation can be found on Telegram, which you should follow, to keep on top of updates and news.

One Nation builds available are :- Cobalt – Nebula – The Incredibles – Irusu – Max’d Mario – Cosmic Evolution – BlueMagic & Many More

KodiNoLimits Kodi Build

Kodi No Limits have gone for a large collection of popular addons and have used the Aeon Nox skin which allows for a lot of customisation. It’s well organised with solid sections. It has a simple navigation system which works well and will be familiar to many of you.

Kodinolimits builds available are :- No Limits Magic (Adult) – No Limits Magic (No XXX) – No Limits Firestick Lite – Adult and Family versions available.

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