The Best Working Kodi Addons

Best Kodi Addons  that Really Works

Here in this article, we have compiled a list of the best Kodi addons for March 2020 that you can install and enjoy a quality viewing experience. Kodi at its core is a home theater software and is considered the best of its kind and it has good reasons for that. When it comes to home theatre software, Kodi is not just a simple media player but so much more. Consider it as your personalized media center where you can store a variety of content.

Please note: For a better quality viewing experience, We recommend to use Real Debrid on Kodi. It will help you to get more streaming sources with high-quality options and also it will dramatically reduce buffering time.

With simple design and easy site navigation Kodi is a very intuitive software. To top it, you can also refurbish the look of the default user interface as per your preference. Kodi gives you full freedom of customization and it offers a wide collection of customizable skins that you can use to change your Kodi’s appearance and this incredible range of skins are available for free! Kodi is also featured on the list of Best Firestick Apps along with Cyberflix TV and Catmouse APK which are the latest top Movies and TV Shows apps.

Venom Kodi Addon

An Exodus fork that’s been creating a lot of positive press from various quarters recently. It’s a multi-scraper with Debrid & Trakt support and it’s been getting regular updates. A solid performer to check out, thats for sure.

Venom New categories are :- Movies – TV Shows – My Movies – My TV Shows – New Movies – New Episodes – Recently Aired – Search – Tools 

Techstreams Fork Kodi addon

TechStreams Fork is a multipurpose Kodi addon with a wide range of content in the Movies, TV Shows and Live TV categories. Of course, it is a fork of the popular addon TechStreams. This addon is the part of Mancave Repository.

The content library of TechStreams Fork is constantly updated. There is always something new to watch. It is pulling quality streams too. It also integrates with Real Debrid to provide even superior streaming experience. Trakt sign-in is also available.

The Crew Kodi addon

The Crew add-on has been around a little but the hats that make up The Crew wanted to keep it on the low in the early stages. They have now kindly decided to share the info with the Kodi community for what is sure to become an essential install. There are some great sections to explore with plenty of one-click, multi-scraper links, Live TV and premium link support. Enjoy.

Athena Kodi addon

Athena is a brand new Kodi 18 Leia Add-on from Ezzermacs Wizard Repository. This add-on has sections for Documentaries, Made in 80’s Debrid Movie Collections, Movies, TV shows, British Sitcom, Musicals and Settings.

Pigskin Kodi addon

The MC Team keep the quality coming, and this time it’s for fans of American Football. Add-on community support group for Pigskin can be found on Twitter, which you should follow, to keep on top of updates and news.

Pigskin categories are :- Full Schedule By Team – NFL Live Games – NCAAF Live Games – News & Highlights – NFL.Com – Football Movies – Sports Channels.

Elementum Kodi addon

Fans of Pulsar & Quasar add-ons will be more than happy (us included) to see this fork of those popular add-ons. It uses torrents so be sure to have protection if required. You will need to enable Allow remote control from applications on other settings in the service settings. You will also need to set a download directory, and install the Elementum Burst from the program folder within the repository. Take care when selecting which version you install.

Temptv Kodi addon

A simple free light IPTV and 1 Click movie add-on. It’s in beta right now and shows great promise.

Temptv categories are :- Entertainment – Movies – Kids – Sports – News – Music – 24/7 – 1 Click Movies – 1 Click shows – In Theaters – Pluto TV – Foreign Channels – Adult’s Only – Settings – Refresh – Changelog .

Techstreams Free For All Kodi addon

Techstreams Free For All is a great source of entertainment in the form of a new Kodi addon. It is available in the ManCave. The addon is based on JEN and contains a wide range of playlists. The addon community can be found on Twitter in case you want some support.

Techstreams Free For All gives you a unique experience by providing a bundle of categories such as TV shows, Kids Section, Movies, MC Jams Music, Free TV, etc. It also gives you Real Debrid Login. From the Settings, you can Clear the Kodi Cache for better performance.

Area 51 Kodi addon

More one click action from Luxray with this supernatural themed add-on. It’s small on content but the playlists are growing. And if you want to watch something with zero fuss and super quick, this add-on ticks those boxes. Add-on community support group for Area 51 can be found on Telegram, which you should follow, to keep on top of updates and news.

Area 51 categories are :- Sci-Fi Movies – Sci-Fi TV Shows – Ghosts – Aliens – Witches – Vampires – Werewolves – Demons.

Marauder Kodi addon

Marauder Addon is a new Kodi Addon from the OneNation Repository. It is a video addon which has content from categories like Movies, TV shows, and much more. With the Marauder Addon, you can integrate with trakt account to sync their media across different platforms. This boost ups the functionality and working of the addon. Marauder Addon is one of the must-have add on in your Kodi. Follow the below steps to add the Marauder Addon on your Kodi 18.4 Leia and below versions.

Mercury Kodi addon

A brand new and smoking hot add-on from Great Uncle Bulgaria of Wombles of Wimbledon fame. It’s the Mercury add-on and it’s a multi-scraper with Debrid support as well as handy quick links for some popular pairing sites too. It also includes a New Release One Click section which is one of the best ones we’ve ever seen (and we don’t say that lightly). This is a great choice for both Debrid & Non Debrid users and it’s chocka full of great playlists. You’re going to love this one.

Vile Kodi addon

If something offends you, it’s probably in here. This is a small but growing single clicker out of the newly created Luxray repo. There are some great playlists to peruse and enjoy, but be sure and keep this add-on away from the younger ones. It’s a bit offensive ok. Add-on community support group for Vile can be found on Telegram, which you should follow, to keep on top of updates and news.

Vile Kodi addon

Documentary Empire is one of the newer Kodi addons from Luxray Repository. the addon offers plenty of contents to stream on Kodi Media Player. It has a user-friendly interface with well-organized sections including Science, Crime, History and more. Furthermore, it also has various subsections in each category. As the name indicates, you can access a great collection of useful documentaries for free. If you are a documentary lover, then it is recommended to try this addon. In this article, we will show you how to install Documentary Empire Addon on Kodi Leia 18.3 and Krypton 17.6 Versions.

CoolTvSeries Kodi addon

All in all, it is an excellent place to find all of your favorite TV series. Whether you like Drama, Comedy or Horror– there is a good chance you will find it here. You must add it to your download list. If you want to know how you can install it, please read on as I have written a step by step guide to help you download and install it., then it is recommended to try this addon. In this article, we will show you how to install CoolTvSeries Addon on Kodi Leia 18.3 and Krypton 17.6 Versions.

Defalt Kodi addon

As multi-scraping playlist add-ons go, this is as good as any of them we’ve seen so far. Putting the playlists together is no quick and easy feat, and it takes time. It’s the attention to detail that users appreciate. Digging into the links, you’ll see that cached Real Debrid Magnet links are available, so this add-on will work exceptionally well with that if you have it. Disable meta-data in settings if you want to speed the app up a bit.In this article, we will show you how to install Defalt Addon on Kodi Leia 18.3 and Krypton 17.6 Versions.

Miami Grice Kodi addon

How To Install Miami Grice Addon Kodi Miami Grice is a New Kodi Addon from Grice Advice Kodi repo that offers you to watch all Movies and TV Shows.In this article, we will show you how to install Defalt Addon on Kodi Leia 18.3 and Krypton 17.6 Versions.

Fractured Kodi addon

Fractured is a New All-In-One Kodi Addon From Fracture Repository. This add-on has sections For Movies & TV Shows, Live TV, Live Sports, Sports Replays